Wattbike Trainer

Wattbike Trainer

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Wattbike Trainer

The Wattbike Trainer provides a lighter range of resistance at the lower end which opens up Wattbike to everyone that the Wattbike Pro does not cater for. It’s also very useful for high cadence and low resistance exercise so will also suit high-level track and endurance cyclists as well as fitness enthusiasts and cycling novices.

For a more high-level experience try the Wattbike Pro

Simple Operation

Operating the Wattbike is very easy. Simply sit on the Wattbike, select ‘Just ride’ from the ‘Main menu’ and start pedalling. The Wattbike Performance Computer will give immediate cycling feedback.

Air-braking system

The air-braking system recreates the feel of cycling on the flat using different gears. The ‘gear lever’ can be moved from ‘1’ through to ‘10’. The lever regulates the flow of air entering the flywheel and adjusting the resistance.  You can adjust the ‘gear’ during a workout, just as you would on a road cycle and the sensation is just the same.

Magnetic Braking System

The addition of a magnetic braked flywheel allows the rider to recreate the feel of climbing. The ‘Climb’ lever rotates clockwise through one complete turn and is marked ‘1’ through to ‘7’, where ‘1’ represents a level road and ‘7’ a very steep one. The combination of both systems means that the Wattbike can be used at high cadence low wattage at one training extreme or low cadence high wattage at the other.

SPD pedals, saddle and water bottle

All Wattbikes come with reversible SPD and toe-cage pedals and a set of SPD cleats. A Wattbike water bottle and saddle is included in the box. The saddle and pedals are standard fittings can be replaced with any cycling pedals or saddle or the Wattbike racing saddle accessory.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 125cm x 66cm x 130cm (50" x 26" x 52")

Unit Weight: 55kg (122lb)

Product Code: WBTR

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