Amazon Leisure’s upholstery service is highly regarded in the industry because of the quality of our work. Our upholstery work is recommended by the country’s leading fitness equipment supplier.

We undertake reupholstery work in our workshop when pads are sent to us and when we are refurbishing strength equipment.

The Benefits of Our Service

  • Outstanding Quality. Pads are indistinguishable from the manufacturers’ own pads but available for a fraction of the price.
  • No Down Time. Pads are taken off one machine at a time and worked on in one of our fully equipped mobile workshops.
  • Years of Experience. Our upholstery work will breathe new life into tired strength equipment and benches.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction. The finish will delight you and your members.
  • Customisation. A huge selection of colours to choose from so we can match your existing equipment or have your kit match your branding.

pad_before pad_after

Note the poor quality “tuck & roll” on the old pads and the correctly raised seams on our replacement pads.

Amazon Leisure's Re-upholstery Process

1. The pads are taken into our upholstery workshop

worn_pad_one worn_pad_two

2. The torn and worn covers and boards are removed from the pads.

covers_removed_one covers_removed_two

3. The boards are re-covered and the upholstery coverings are measured up against the pads.

board_recovered covers_measured_up

4. We then cover the pad with foam before re-covering.

new_foam_one new_foam_two

5. The top cover and borders are then sewed together creating the raised seam.

covers_sewed_one covers_sewed_two

6. The newly made covers are then fitted on to the pads.

covers_fitted_one covers_fitted_two

7. The new covering is attached and the boards are refitted to the covered pads.

pad_assembled_one pad_assembled_two

The Finished Product!

As you can see, our finished pads are of exceptional quality and we are able to perform a similar task on pads of any size and shape. Contact Amazon Leisure today on 01953 498 098 to take advantage of our fantastic value upholstery service.