Trixter X-Dream Group Exercise Cycle

Product Code: TRIXTER

The Trixter X-Dream group exercise cycle connects with up to 5 other bikes for group riding sessions

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The Trixter X-Dream Studio Cycle is the first indoor fitness product that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors. Enter a stunning virtual world on your X-Dream and compete with up to 5 other riders.

Real feel gears, brakes, handlebars, pedal, cranks and seat sensors enable each move the rider makes to be accurately portrayed within the experience.

The bike's resistance accurately depicts the terrain gradients, track surfaces and conditions. Choose from 5 different bikes with different handling characteristics for each type of trail and create a rider with your body, skin tone and fashion sense.

Product Highlights

  • Winner of Maxim's Exercise product of the year 2008
  • Excellent build quality
  • Take a ride in parkland, in the highlands, in the semi-arid or desert locations
  • Add a little variety and a LOT of fun to your exercise regime


Quickstart: Just push the green button and off you go. Take a ride in parkland, in the highlands, in the semi-arid or desert locations. A great way to introduce yourself to the world of the X-Dream and to get familiar with its controls. It's just like the real thing.

XDream Fitness Mode: The XDream allows the member to enter a stunning virtual world with 5 other riders. Create your own rider logon based on your own body, complexion and your taste in clothing. Now select your bike based on your preference for handling, how much data you want on your screen, and you're ready to start your own personalised workout schedule. The program generates riders to pace your ride. As you improve so do the computer riders. In order to open up the new trails you need to win the previous race. Each ride becomes slightly more difficult and the race duration increases. Motivation and reward.

Group Ride Mode: Now that you have got the hang of this bike it's time to ride with some friends and start pushing each other further. Up to 6 X-Dreams can be linked together for multiplayer races. Be prepared for your inner competitiveness to start surfacing. Choose the correct bike to get the edge for the trail ahead!

Training Mode: Training mode is enabled when you complete the advanced trails. You have now mastered how to ride the bike and your fitness level has progressed sufficiently. We now open up all the terrains and trails for you to complete at whatever time duration and fitness level you think you can handle. Go on push yourself!

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Trixter

Maximum User Weight: 136kg (300lb)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 163cm x 72cm x H 150cm (64" x 28" x 59")

Product Weight: 66kg (146lb)

Resistance: 7 levels

Product Code: TRIXTER

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Width: 72cm

Height: 150cm

Length: 163cm

Weight: 66.000Kg


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