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Treadmill Infographic

Posted 22/08/2016 : By: Brandon Last

Treadmills are great! They are probably the most recognisable and popular cardio machine in the gym, they are easy to use and allow you to track your progress with all of the information provided to you by the console.

Easy to Use

One of the key reason that treadmills are popular is because they give you the opportunity to go running when the weather is miserable or to do something else like watch tv or read while you are running. Many of the modern treadmills have TV and internet built into the consoles, providing this benefit without the need for extra devices.

Most treadmills have a quick start option so you can just press a button and go. Most treadmills have shock absorption built into the deck meaning that exercising on a treadmill is easier on your joints than running on the road.

Track Your Progress

They are also a little different to the other cardio machines in that you set the speed and then keep up with it. Other cardio machines will record how fast you are going but they will not work at a set speed, they require you to exercise harder to increase the readout speed. Setting a speed and keeping up with it means that you can use a treadmill to push yourself to go faster either by pushing yourself during a training session by upping the speed and incline or gradually pushing yourself over time by increasing your running speed or the incline slightly each time you use it.

Several mobile apps offer the opportunity to track your workouts and some modern treadmills have the ability to talk to these apps and synchronise your workout data to your phone.

The Amazon Leisure Treadmill Infographic

The infographic below includes the Heart Rate Chart released by Amazon Leisure last week, this is a useful resource in itself allowing you to see at a glance whether any given exercise will burn more fats or more carbs.

View the training in your heart rate zone chart. See a the large treadmill infographic (then click on the image to expand it) or download the treadmill infographic pdf.

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Treadmill Infographic
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