Star Trac HumanSport Chest / Shoulder

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Designed to reflect human body mechanics it feels as if it were custom-built for every user.

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Star Trac Human Sport Chest / Shoulder

The Star Trac HumanSport Shoulder Chest offers an array of upper body exercises as a result of two sets of strategically located handles. Users can enjoy a variation on the traditional chest press with upper handles and then proceed to shoulder press exercises utilizing the lower handles.

With the use of a stability ball the pull points can be used to perform multiple muscle specific or core training exercises.

Designed to reflect human body mechanics, HumanSport is so simple, so intuitive and so natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. 6 dual-function, cable-based machines act as 12 workout stations by utilizing dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training options, including Base Strength, Core Stabilization and Dynamic Movement training. Never before has the beauty of natural movement been translated so well into an exercise environment.

Product Information

  • Multiple chest pressing motions including horizontal press, incline and decline press, chest fly and rotational press
  • Multiple shoulder pressing motions including frontal plane press, sagittal plane press and rotational press
  • A drop down seat for enhanced training options in the standing position with seat adjustments to accomadate users of any height.
  • Primary or secondary D-ring selection setting for more or less pre-stretch
  • Unilateral or bilateral use
  • Numerous shoulder pressing motions including: frontal plane press, sagittal plane press and rotational press
  • Low 5 lbs (2.3 kg) starting resistance is ideal for rehabilitation

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 114cm x 160cm x 163cm (45" x 63" x 64")

Unit Weight: 297kg (655lb)

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Width: 163cm

Height: 163cm

Length: 114cm

Weight: 297.000Kg


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