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Guides to Maintaining your Rower and Strength

Posted 19/05/2016 : By: Brandon Last

This article is part of a series on gym equipment maintenance which contains general advice, has information on maintaining the different machines commonly found in gyms and health clubs and information on parts replacement and service contracts. As well as rower and strength equipment maintenance, there are also pages with information on exercise bike maintenance, cross trainer maintenance, stepper maintenance and treadmill maintenance.

The complete guide can be found on our Gym Equipment Maintenance Guide page.

Please note this is general stepper maintenance advice: Cleaning and maintenance methods will vary depending on the machine. We always recommend that you read the manufacturer's manual for each machine and where there are conflicts between the manual and the guide below, always go with the manual's recommendations.

Creating a Maintenance Schedule

Equipment failure can be a headache for gym owners but a small amount of routine maintenance can make a huge difference to the life of your machine. By following this guide you can keep your stepper in good condition and help prevent breakdowns that could leave your machine out of action and affect your members and your profits.

If you are employing staff, it is a good idea to come up with a rota for each machine in your gym or club and have your employees take it in turns to carry out the maintenance. A checklist is a good way of ensuring that the maintenance is carried out and not missed.

Rower Maintenance

Every Day

  • Remove any build-up of dust, sweat and other dirt using a soft, clean cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleaner like a fitness equipment polish. Wipe the entire machine down apart from the chain.

Every Week

  • Vacuum the floor under and around the rower. You may want to move the rower for better access under the machine.
  • Tighten the handle and replace toe straps if necessary.
  • Test the rower to make sure that the machine and console are functioning correctly.

Every Month

  • Clean and lubricate the chain with a light chain oil. On many models of rower, the chain is outside of the machine when in use. It is important to regularly clean and lubricate the chain.
  • Inspect the cable for fraying and check that the seat is securely attached.
  • Certain models of rowing machines have their consoles powered by batteries. If the display isn’t working, try fitting a new battery.

Strength Equipment Maintenance

All of the previous maintenance guides have been machine-specific guides for cardio equipment however this section on strength equipment applies to all of the different types of strength equipment in a gym. This information is to be considered general advice for both machines with weight stacks and for plate loaded equipment. The information provided by machine manufacturers should always take primacy over the information here.

Every Week

  • Clean the frame and upholstery with diluted disinfectant using a soft, clean cloth.
  • Clean and lubricate the guide rods using a clean soft cloth and silicone spray for preservation and lubrication.
  • Check over all of the cables for frays. Any fraying cable should be replaced immediately. Replacing a worn cable straight away is extremely important, on strength equipment a breaking cable risks causing serious injury to the user.
  • Test the machine using a lighter weight and then a heavier weight, this is to check that the machine is functioning correctly. If there are any problems, make arrangements to have it inspected and repaired.
  • Make sure that the pin easily slides in and out of the weight stack and that it doesn’t come out when the machine is in use.
  • Check over the upholstery for excessive wear or any tearing.

Every Month

  • Apply grease to the fittings.
  • Make sure that the bushings are not worn or damaged and are in general good condition, adjust the weight stack if necessary.

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Guides to Maintaining your Rower and your Strength Equipment
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