Cybex R Series Treadmill with 50L Console

Cybex R Series Treadmill with 50L Console

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Cybex R Series Treadmill with 50L Console

Designed for facilities looking to provide intuitive cardio equipment focused on results for exercisers. Rooted in the Cybex history of effective cardio equipment, but with an appealing look and innovative features that cater to exercisers driven by results. Includes a powerful 8 horsepower peak motor, an Interval Training Zone and wireless connection to help facility owners better manage their equipment.

Product Features


The next generation IS4 Intelligent Suspension System provides a gradual deflection progression leading to “soft” landing on a large portion of the tread area. It matches the mechanics of running— soft upon landing, firm in the middle and rigid at toe-off.


The Interval Training zone allows for runners to change speeds with just the push of a button, making high-intensity interval training easier for exercisers who want to optimize results.


Cybex Service Wheel (optional) allows for the treadmill to be moved easily during equipment rotation and routine maintenance.


A low step-up height of just 8-1/2” and running surface area of 21” x 60” accommodates a wide range of exercisers.


Halo Fitness Cloud offers one centralized location where fitness facilities can easily manage business operations, communicate with members, plan and schedule fitness programming and more. Choose from three plans and three enhancements, depending upon your facility needs.

Console Information

The 50L console simplifies the exercise experience. It features large, centrally-located buttons for quick adjustments and a bright, easy-to-read LED display.

Technical Specification

Dimensions (L x W x H): 210cm x 92cm x 159cm

Max. User Weight: 181kg (400lb)

Product Code: 525AT-LED-12

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