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Gym Equipment Maintenance Tips

Posted 11/01/2016 : By: Brandon Last

This article is part of a series on gym equipment maintenance. The first part of this guide contains general advice. The second part has information on maintaining the different machines commonly found in gyms and health clubs. The third part is about parts replacement and service contracts.

The complete guide can be found on our Gym Equipment Maintenance Guide page.

Preventative maintenance will increase the longevity of your exercise equipment and can improve the safety of your members. A regular preventative maintenance schedule will keep downtime to a minimum and save you money on future repairs.

Most gyms and clubs will call a fitness equipment repair company when their machine breaks down but all too often on a machine that is not regularly maintained the repair costs will be high. By performing preventative maintenance on your exercise equipment, you can keep breakdowns and repair costs to a minimum.

Gym owners will know that breakdowns cost money, and a machine that is out of order for a long time can have a big impact on your member retention. Amazon Leisure's national team of service engineers can be called out to conduct on-site repairs and minimise your down-time.

Gym Equipment Maintenance Tips

Buy Good Quality Equipment

When you buy high quality machines, you are ensuring that it will be reliable and durable. By buying second-hand professional equipment that has been well refurbished, you are getting a machine that will perform better and last longer than a cheaper new machine whilst still offering significant savings to your club.

Although commercial gym equipment can be more expensive, it will save you money by limiting down time due to higher quality build. New and refurbished equipment from Amazon Leisure will come with a warranty and our national logistics network allows us to personally deliver and install the machine.

Safety is the Most Important Factor

Equipment that has been improperly repaired or poorly maintained can be dangerous to use and leave your gym or club at the risk of a lawsuit.

While performing preventative maintenance can improve the longevity of your machine and keep repair costs down you should not attempt to repair any of your equipment unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Helpful Preventative Maintenance Tips

  • Read Your Owner’s Manual. This will include information on maintenance procedures and recommendations on keeping your machine in good working order. If you no longer have your manual or your machine did not come with one, most manufacturers allow you to download a digital copy.
  • Keep Your Equipment Clean. Sweat, dirt and dust can all cause damage to your machines and affect the performance. Use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down your equipment.
  • Keep the Area Around Your Machines Clean. Vacuum and clean the floor around your equipment and for equipment such as treadmills, make sure you vacuum under the motor cover.
  • Use Genuine Parts. Ensure that any parts fitted are originals from the equipment manufacturer.
  • Keep Your Machine Well Lubricated. By regularly lubricating certain parts of your machine, you decrease friction which can cause a moving part to overheat and cause further damage.
  • Check the Frames of Strength Equipment. Regularly clean the frames and at the same time make sure that all of the screws and bolts are tight, take this opportunity to also inspect the cables.
  • Regularly Check Belts and Cables. If you notice any tears or frays, contact Amazon Leisure to arrange a visit from one of our service engineers.
  • Create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule. Put the schedule somewhere all of your staff can see it and arrange a rota of cleans and checks to be performed throughout the day.

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Tips for Maintaining Gym Equipment
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