Life Fitness Silverline 93S Stepper

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The Silverline 93S Stepper is popular due to its reliability and extensive range of programmes

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The Life Fitness stepper is an exercise machine that simulates the movements of walking up stairs at various speeds.

Rather than dealing with boring and monotonous programming, or inefficient design and engineering, step up to variety with the Life Fitness 93S Stepper, from the world’s #1 source of health club equipment. It has the all the things that customers have come to expect from the franchise, and much more.

The mainstream fitness market today is focused on variability, green machines, ergonomic design, and efficient biomechanical challenge to suit modern physical training needs. Through years of research and development these are all the areas where the 93S, like all Life Fitness products, excels.

IsoTrack™ technology incorporates a revolutionary new climbing system with a mono-roller and a belt-driven design that produces a low-impact workout without the typical noise pollution. It’s premium quality craftsmanship is perfect for busy gyms.

One of the foundational concepts that lead to the 93S is convenience that caters to everyone, and all levels of physical conditioning. It doesn’t matter whether one you're at peak fitness or just beginning your training, Life Fitness has ensured that this product has enough to maintain interest, motivation and challenge.


Nothing keeps people engaged in their workout and exercise routine like results. One of the main reasons why Life Fitness continues to occupy the #1 spot is because their product lines of health club equipment keep getting people’s bodies to where they want them to be.

Furthermore, their steppers like the 93S are demonstrations of fitness equipment innovation and ergonomic mastery. What’s the point of getting in-shape if the machines people use to get to their goals could injure them? The 93S from top to bottom, from every moving part to the convenient console, is engineered to correct posture while helping people mimic natural stepping movement.

From the home-gym to the commercial setting this incredible result of years worth of research and development not only powers itself, but reinforces the dependability and top notch quality of the Life Fitness brand. Start stepping on the Life Fitness 93S Stepper today for elite fitness results.

Smooth-Stepping Exercise: The IsoTrack™ climbing system with mono-roller, belt-driven design ensures a smooth, low-impact exercise experience.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the ergonomically correct handlebars to provide precise heart rate monitoring, and Polar telemetry provides accurate, “hands-free” heart rate monitoring. with the optional chest strap.

Motivating Workout Variety: 15 Workouts including 2 Zone Training+™ workouts automatically adjust the resistance level to keep users in their target heart rate zone. Goal-based workouts and interval workouts keep users motivated.

Plug-In Option: Provides a lower operating resistance, which appeals to novice and deconditioned users.

Ergonomic Expertise: The ergonomically angled linear slide mechanism mimics a natural stepping motion and develops each leg independently for balanced results. Handlebars provide support and help ensure biomechanically correct posture.

Self-Powered Convenience*: Cordless, so you can place your Stepper anywhere you want.

Optional 17” Attachable TV: Offers users a great combination of exercise and entertainment. Plus, iPod and iPhone users can view iPod and iPhone video content on the Attachable TV (requires Composite AV Cable, sold separately).

  • Alphanumeric LED Display
  • 25 Resistance Levels
  • TV Viewing with Optional Attachable 17" Diagonal TV (wide screen format)
  • IsoTrack™ Climbing System
  • Support handlebars
  • Oversize Non-slip Pedals
  • Integrated Reading Rack
  • Integrated Accessory Tray
  • Front Wheels for Easy Mobility
  • On-the-Fly Programming
  • Manager's Optional Setting and Service Diagnostics



  • QUICK START is the fastest way to begin exercising, and it bypasses the steps involved in selecting a specific workout. Once QUICK START is selected, a constant-level workout begins. The intensity level does not change automatically.
  • FAT BURN is a lower intensity workout for burning the body’s fat reserves. The user must wear a heart rate chest strap. The workout automatically adjusts the intensity level, based on the actual heart rate, to maintain the rate at 65 percent of the theoretical maximum.
  • CARDIO is a higher intensity workout for more fit users, emphasizing cardiovascular benefits and maximum fat burning. The user must wear a heart rate chest strap. The workout automatically adjusts the intensity level, based on the actual heart rate, to maintain the rate at 80 percent of the theoretical maximum.
  • HILL is an interval-training workout combining “hills” and “valleys” of different intensity levels, which is proven to provide effective, time-efficient cardiovascular results.
  • RANDOM is an interval training workout of constantly changing intensity levels that occur in no regular pattern or progression to challenge the user.
  • MANUAL is a workout in which the intensity level does not change automatically.
  • HEART RATE HILL takes the user through three different hills based on the target heart rate. The user wears the optional heart rate chest strap, or grasps the Lifepulse™ sensors continuously.
  • HEART RATE INTERVAL alternates between a hill and a valley based on the target heart rate. The user wears a heart rate chest strap, or grasps the Lifepulse™ sensors continuously.
  • EXTREME HEART RATE is an intense workout for more experienced users. It is designed to get the heart rate up and down as quickly as possible. The user wears a heart rate chest strap, or grasps the Lifepulse™ sensors continuously.

The following workouts are accessed by pressing the WORKOUTS PLUS key:

  • WATTS targets a rate of effort equal to a certain number of Watts. A Watt is a unit of power that measures the amount of mechanical work required to operate a device, such as a stairclimber. It is roughly equal to .25 calories per hour.
  • METS targets a rate of effort equal to a certain number of Mets. A Met is a unit of measurement used to express the metabolic rate of work (oxygen consumption per unit of body weight) required to perform a task. One Met is approximately equal to a person’s metabolism when seated and relaxed.
  • AROUND THE WORLD is an interval-training workout in which the hills resemble scenes of various geographical areas.
  • KILIMANJARO is a Hill workout in which the intensity levels gradually incline toward one ultimate peak and then gradually decline.
  • INTERVAL is a Hill workout in which intensity levels rise and fall. The higher levels gradually incline toward a peak and then gradually decline.
  • CASCADES is a two-peak workout in which intensity levels gradually incline and decline.
  • SPEED TRAINING is a Hill workout in which the intensity level alternates between high and low levels very quickly to simulate a typical speed training workout.
  • FOOT HILLS is a rolling hill workout with low intensity levels.

Workout Feedback

This window displays step-by-step instructions for setting up a workout. When a workout is in progress, it displays statistics about the progress of the workout, as seen below:

  • Time: time elapsed since the start of the workout.
  • Level: programmed intensity level.
  • Floors/Minute: rate of floors climbed per minute.
  • Calories: number of calories burned since beginning the workout; based on a calculation involving the entered weight of the user and the step rate. If the user does not enter weight during the workout setup, the computer does not make this calculation.
  • Heart Rate: detected heart rate if the user is wearing the chest strap.
  • Floors Climbed: number of floors climbed since the start of the workout, based on a calculation involving the step rate.

The Message Centre also can be programmed to display any of the following three values each time the intensity level changes during the workout.

  • Calories per Hour: rate of calories burned per hour.
  • Watts: effort level in Watts. The Watt is a unit of power output or the expression of the mechanical rate of work.
  • Mets: effort level in Mets. The Met is an expression of the rate of work for the human body, or a metabolic equivalent; one Met is approximately equal to the metabolism of a person at rest.

Note: The Watts display and the Calories Per Hour display cannot be turned on at the same time.


Maximum User Weight: 160kg (350lb)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 127cm x 81cm x 164cm (50" x 32" x 64.5")

Unit Weight: 75kg (165lb)

Product Code: LFST12

*Optional Attachable TV requires external power source.

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Width: 81cm

Height: 164cm

Length: 127cm

Weight: 75.000Kg


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