Commercial Gym Equipment

Looking for a new way to change up your facility? Check out our commercial range of cardio and strength equipment that will set your gym apart from others. Our low prices are backed up by quality assurances to make sure we can supply the best equipment possible at a reasonable price .

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Jordan 7ft Elite Olympic Bar

Jordan Steel Series bars are chip, flake and peel proof. The worlds most durable Olympic bar finish.

£ 189.00

Jordan Dumbbell Rack - 5 Pair with 2 Tiers

The Jordan 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack is a heavy duty 2 tier dumbbell rack with an oval frame.

£ 219.00

Jordan Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell Sets

Cast iron kettlebell and handle with coloured neoprene base suitable for commercial or home gyms.

£ 300.00

Jordan 3 Tiered Kettlebell Rack

Store up to 15 kettlebells with rubber mats on the shelves to reduce noise and protect kettlebells.

£ 325.00

Jordan Dumbbell Rack - 10 Pair with 2 Tiers

A heavy duty dumbbell rack with a 2 tier design and rubber saddles for correct weight location.

£ 352.00

Jordan Oval Frame Barbell Rack

This double-framed rack is sturdy & reliable in order to provide storage for up to 10 fixed barbells

£ 367.00

Jordan Classic Urethane Olympic Discs

These long lasting, durable discs are also perfect for classic bench press and squats.

£ 875.00

Jordan Premium Rubber Barbell - Straight Sets

Jordan Rubber Barbells are stylish and durable with a black rubber finish that won't damage machines

£ 1110.00

Jordan Premium Rubber Barbell - Curl Sets

Jordan Rubber Barbells are stylish and durable with a black rubber finish that won't damage machines

£ 1165.00

Jordan Ignite V2 Premium Rubber Discs

An innovative anti-roll design and a locking mechanism make this a great all-around performer.

£ 1250.00

Jordan Ignite V2 Rubber Studio Barbell Sets

With its super-tough finish, the Ignite V2 Studio Barbell is an all-round great performer

£ 1265.00

Jordan Ignite V2 Urethane Barbells - Straight

These unique anti-roll barbells are perfect for explosive exercises like power cleans and snatches.

£ 1470.00