Commercial Equipment

Jordan Adjustable Incline / Decline Bench

Adjustable bench for use with dumbbells, barbells, cables, curl bars or tricep bars.

£ 546.58

Jordan TRX Suspension Trainer Pro

1.5m (2 user) Suspension Trainer suitable for use with MiloKit, Jungle Gym® XT, Gym Rings & TRX

£ 550.00

Hammer Strength Decline / Abdominal Bench

A sturdy and durable Decline / Abdominal Bench from Hammer Strength, the world's leading brand.

£ 562.00

Life Fitness Signature Series Leg Raise with Bosu Back

Signature Series Leg Raise. Featuring a large bosu back pad for optimal stabilisation.

£ 575.00

Jordan Rubber Solid End Dumbbells Set 1-10kg & Rack

10 pairs of rubber solid end dumbbells at 1kg increments between 1kg and 10kg with vertical rack.

£ 585.00

Star Trac HumanSport® Total Legs

No other machine addresses the lower half strength and movement patterns better than this piece.

Jordan Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench providing a stable position to perform Preacher or Scott Curls.

£ 622.07

Life Fitness Silverline 95Ci Upright Cycle

The refurbished Silverline 95Ci Exercise Bike is reliable with an extensive range of programmes.

£ 625.00

Life Fitness Silverline 93S Stepper

The Silverline 93S Stepper is popular due to its reliability and extensive range of programmes

Life Fitness Optima Series Adjustable Bench

Optima Series simplifies strength training so you can meet your goals through self-guided workouts.

£ 647.00

Jordan Rubber Solid End Dumbbells Set 2-20kg

10 pairs of rubber solid end dumbbells at 2kg increments between 2kg and 20kg.

£ 690.00

Concept 2 Model 'D' Rower

The Model D rower has reinforced Concept2's reputation for producing the world's best rowers.

£ 733.33