Commercial Strength Equipment

Look at our wide range of strength equipment perfect for any gym or workout facility from notable brands such as Life Fitness, Cybex, Jordan Fitness, and more.

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Star Trac Inspiration Series Pull Up/Dip/Leg Raise Frame

The Inspiration line offers the best user experience. Get fit fast with the Pull up/Dip/Leg Raise.

Star Trac Seated Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher curl bench from Star Trac designed to suit users of different sizes.

Star Trac Inspiration Series Adjustable Decline Bench

The Inspiration line offers the best user experience. Get fit fast with the Adjustable Decline Bench

Jordan Flat Bench

A sturdy and durable flat bench from Jordan.

£ 368.50

Life Fitness Signature Series Abdominal Crunch Bench

Signature Series Abdominal Crunch Bench. Original V1 version with the pivot arm.

Jordan Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench providing a stable position to perform Preacher or Scott Curls.

£ 544.50

Jordan Adjustable Incline / Decline Bench

Adjustable bench for use with dumbbells, barbells, cables, curl bars or tricep bars.

£ 546.58

Hammer Strength Decline / Abdominal Bench

A sturdy and durable Decline / Abdominal Bench from Hammer Strength, the world's leading brand.

£ 562.00

Jordan I Series Olympic Decline Bench

Great for developing the press muscles in the downward diagonal plane.

£ 1182.50

Hammer Strength Ground Base Jammer (Refurbished)

Hammer Strength Jammer provides quality core exercise from a standing position.

£ 1200.00

Life Fitness Signature Series Biceps Curl

Signature Series Selectorised Biceps Curl with a 95kg (190lb) weight stack.

£ 1675.00