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Parts Breakdown & Replacing Machines

Posted 21/06/2016 : By: Brandon Last

This article is part of a series on gym equipment maintenance. The first part of this guide contains general advice. The second part has information on maintaining the different machines commonly found in gyms and health clubs. The third part is about parts replacement and service contracts.

The complete guide can be found on our Gym Equipment Maintenance Guide page.

Preventing Parts Breakdowns

Professional gym equipment is made using high quality parts and materials, but even considering this, an inevitable consequence of using the machine is that parts will wear out. It is important to stick to the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedule that has been outlined for each machine.

Be advised that dangerous conditions could arise even during the warranty period. Having a machine under warranty does not negate your responsibility to conduct thorough inspections of your equipment on a daily basis.

Below is a guide to checking various different wearing parts for wear and damage.


When the machine is not being used, run your fingers along the cables to check for areas that are thinning or bulging. It is important to replace cables as soon as you spot any sign of damage or wear and the machine should not be used until new cables have been fitted.

  • Check cables for fraying, cracking, peeling or discolouration.
  • Re-adjust cable tension if there is too much slack.
  • Make sure that the jam nut on the top bolt of the selector rod is properly tight.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Inspect nuts and bolts at regular intervals and tighten them if necessary. If any bolts seem to be coming loose regularly, use Loctite 242 which will provide a longer-term solution. It is essential to re-tighten bolts at regular intervals, making sure that all hardware is tensioned correctly.

Guide Rods

  • Wipe these clean with a dust-free rag and lubricate with a Silicon or Teflon-based lubricant.

Springs, Locking Pins and Tightening Knobs

  • Check every piece for any wear or damage.
  • Check that the springs in Pop Pins and Snap Links are properly tensioned and aligned.
  • Immediately replace any spring that is sticking or has lost its rigidity.

Anti-skid Surfaces

  • Replace if they have become slippery or worn.

Warning Labels

  • Inspect and familiarise yourself with all safety warnings and other user information on decals.


  • Looking after the upholstery on your machine is essential for extending its life
  • Clean with a mild soap or vinyl upholstery cleaner. Don’t use an abrasive cleaner or any not intended for use on vinyl.
  • Make sure machine users don’t have sharp or pointed objects in their pockets that could damage upholstery.
  • Amazon Leisure offer a high quality reupholstery service that can restore tired-looking equipment.

Replacing Machines

How often you need to replace your exercise equipment depends on the type of exercise equipment and how well you have maintained the equipment. High quality machines that have been regularly maintained will last the longest. Monthly maintenance schedules for your fitness equipment are the best way to ensure the life of your equipment. Keeping your equipment free of debris and making sure it has been well-oiled will help ensure the maximum life of your equipment.

Cardio Equipment

Cardio Equipment usually has a shorter life than any other exercise equipment. The mechanical and electrical parts will wear out after a certain amount of use. When these break, they need to be repaired or replaced.

Strength Equipment

The stronger and more professional the piece of equipment is, the longer it will last. If your strength equipment has moving parts, it can wear out much faster. Moving parts will need to be replaced every 10-20 years. With regular maintenance, your equipment will last you a long time. When your equipment starts to show signs of wear, either repair or replace it to prevent the risk of injury.

Fitness Accessories

You will need to replace fitness accessories once they show signs of wear. You should inspect your accessories regularly and should be able to tell if these have been worn down. It is a good idea to inspect fitness accessories before each use to lessen the risk of injury.

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Parts Breakdown & Replacing Machines
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