Assault Fitness Airbike Classic

Assault Fitness Airbike Classic

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Assault Airbike Classic

Having forged the path to bringing the air bike into the Elite Fitness space, the original Assault AirBike classic is best known for creating love-hate relationships with those that have been bold enough to give it a try. Found in boxes and gyms across the globe. The AirBike classic is forged from the highest quality, most durable materials. This old favorite will leave you burning for days.

Key Features

Perfected through years of design innovation and feedback, the Assault AirBike combines all the best features of a traditional fan bike and reinforces them for the ultimate machine.

The bike provides a diverse and virtually unlimited workout to meet the needs of different individuals by challenging their ability and strength.

Using air resistance, the Assault AirBike scales automatically to keep up with you as you push, pull and pedal with greater force and speed - the greater the resistance, the greater the benefits!

The bike’s unique design and onboard programming offers an endless variety of workout options and can be used just as effectively for pre/post workout warm up/cool-downs. The Assault AirBike also shines as a post-injury rehabilitation tool, as it allows isolation/integration of the legs/arms at a personalized pace.

The crisp and clear LCD display, large buttons and quick keys offer faster access to the onboard programs and can be swapped out in a flash. Choose from high-intensity intervals, or set a target distance goals. Integrated messaging to help inspire you keeps the workout fresh and motivating, while Outputs include Watts; Calories; Distance; Speed; Time; Odometer; Heart Rate Monitor, RPM, and Interval Training options.

All these great features built around a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame, stabilized to prevent side-to-side movement when in high use, with a comfortable Hybrid seat, reinforced pedals and crank with sealed cartridge bearings.

Technical Specification

Dimension (L x W x H): 130cm x 60cm x 127cm (51" x 24" x 50")

Unit Weight: 44kg (96lb)

Product Code: ASCLAB

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