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Amazon Leisure Service Contracts

Posted 08/07/2016 : By: Brandon Last

This article is part of a series on gym equipment maintenance. The first part of this guide contains general advice. The second part has information on maintaining the different machines commonly found in gyms and health clubs. The third part is about parts replacement and service contracts.

The complete guide can be found on our Gym Equipment Maintenance Guide page.

The purpose of a service contract is to keep your gym equipment working and safe. Inspections, lubrication, calibration and regular maintenance will limit the need for repairs, saving your gym money. Many gym owners wrongly believe that a service contract is unnecessary while the machine is under a manufacturer's warranty.

Compare the need for preventative maintenance on gym equipment to maintenance on your car. Even when the vehicle is under warranty, you still need to change the oil and filters, keep the tyres inflated and replaced when the treads wear down. It is the same with gym equipment, there will be a recommended maintenance schedule which should be carried out from the day your equipment arrives.

What are the Benefits for my Facility?

  • By keeping your equipment regularly serviced, you will make a greater return on your investment.
  • Significantly lower occurrence of broken down machines.
  • Older equipment is cheaper to repair.
  • Increased equipment lifespan.
  • Limit your liability and make your gym safer.
  • Retain clients at your facility with lower membership drop-off rates.

During each contracted maintenance visit, all of the equipment that is covered by the contract will be inspected for safety, cleaned thoroughly both inside and out, lubricated and adjusted according to the procedures laid out by the manufacturer. We will also supply you with a Service Report that will break down any faults found into 3 categories (Red - required, Amber - advisory and Green - cosmetic) and will give your gym the opportunity to prepare for the repairs that will be required by minimising the down-time in your club.

Which Tests Are Carried Out During our Service Call-outs?

Each piece of machinery goes through a series of checks and tests in order to ascertain what will need to be done to return the equipment to its optimal performance. As each piece of equipment varies in form and function, we undertake a series of different tests for each type of equipment. Our engineers will also clean up the equipment and vacuum when appropriate, leaving your machinery looking good as well functioning properly.

The main tests and checks undertaken by our engineers are detailed by machine here.

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Amazon Leisure Service Contracts
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