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Concept 2 Dyno

The Concept 2 DYNO takes the principles of the Indoor Rower and applies them to strength training.

First Degree Fitness E520 Fluid Rower

On-water rowing emulation with natural catch, feel and adjustable resistance.

Life Fitness Row GX Trainer

The Life Fitness Row GX is for facilities that want to add a challenging full-body cardio option.

Concept 2 Model 'C' Rower

Indoor rower that uses air resistance.

£ 200.00

First Degree Fitness Pacific AR Fluid Rower

Pacific Rower from First Degree Fitness is based on their commercial rower but with a smaller frame.

£ 582.50

Concept 2 Model 'D' Rower

The Model D rower has reinforced Concept2's reputation for producing the world's best rowers.

£ 733.33

Concept 2 Model 'E' Rower

The Model E is everything you’ve come to expect from a Concept2 Indoor Rower and more.

£ 883.33