Complete Guide to Maintaining Gym Equipment

Amazon Leisure's free guide to gym equipment maintenance is designed to serve as a resource for gym and health club owners, but also contains useful information for owners of consumer kit. These articles originally appeared as articles in our news section but have now been compiled together into a single guide.

Maintenance Guides for Gym Equipment

Maintenance advice for the various machines commonly found in gyms. Each page contains information on recommended maintenance tasks to carry out on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis in order to get the best life out of your machine and to minimise breakdowns.

Treadmill Maintenance Treadmill Maintenance

Cross Trainer Maintenance Cross Trainer Maintenance

Exercise Bike Maintenance (Upright, Recumbent & Spin) Exercise Bike Maintenance (Upright, Recumbent & Spin)

Stepper Maintenance Stepper Maintenance

Rower & Strength Equipment Maintenance

General Maintenance Advice

A series of articles with general maintenance advice for gyms and health clubs. Following the advice in these articles can help you to create effective maintenance schedules and run your gym. Topics included in this section include maintenance and the law, cleaning advice and general safety information.

Maintenance Tips Maintenance Tips

Why Preventative Maintenance? Why Preventative Maintenance?

Maintenance, Safety & the Law Maintenance, Safety & the Law

Cleaning your Fitness Equipment Cleaning Your Equipment

General Safety Rules General Safety Rules

Equipment Maintenance Equipment Maintenance

Breakdowns and Service Contracts

Parts Breakdowns and Replacing Equipment

Amazon Leisure Service Contracts