Life Fitness R9i Recumbent Cycle

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The R9i exercise bike is innovative and delivers superb performance from a natural riding position.

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Life Fitness R9i Recumbent Cycle

The R9i recumbent Lifecycle® exercise bike is the home version of the popular Life Fitness health club models, an innovative bike that delivers superb performance and the most natural, efficient recumbent riding position. It merges high-quality ergonomics, biomechanics, and comfort with a variety of workout programs including HeartSync™ heart rate controlled workouts, Interval Training, Sport Training, customized workout programs and heart rate monitoring via Lifepulse™ contacts and compatibility with the Polar® wireless HRM chest strap. The recumbent seat with contoured, high back pad is the same as the Life Fitness health club model and features front and side-mounted handlebars.

Key Features

  • Club-style, self-powered exercise bike for in-home workouts with natural, efficient recumbent riding position
  • 19 pre-programmed workouts, seven personalized workouts and five HeartSync workouts
  • Recumbent seat with contoured, high back pad featuring front and side-mounted handlebars
  • Lifepulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system on side handlebars and compatibility with an optional Polar wireless chest strap

Product Information

This innovative bike delivers the most natural, efficient recumbent riding position for hours of rigorous in-home workouts.

This self-powered bike can be placed in any room, and it does not require cords or outlets. The bike also features an oversized, dual accessory tray and built-in reading rack. It includes 19 pre-programmed and seven personalized workouts, and the five HeartSync workouts adjust resistance to keep you at your target heart rate, ensuring a safe, effective workout.

If the advanced programs are the brains of Lifecycle exercise bikes, then the Poly V belt-drive and self-powered alternator systems are the brawn. The alternator system offer 20 smooth, quick-changing resistance levels, and it provides super-quiet riding enabling you to watch TV or listen to music easily. Underneath the sleek, impact resistant exterior is a robotically welded steel frame that is so well built, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Console Features

  • Display Type: Red LEDs
  • Workout Profile Display: 7 x 15 segments
  • Workout Feedback Display: 16-character message centre
  • Electronic Readouts: Level, Time, Speed (mph / km/h), Distance, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Calories, Watts, METs

Console Details

Boredom is never an option with Life Fitness exercise bikes, with a wide variety of challenging workout programs built into the easy-to-use console. Save time by storing up to seven pre-programmed My Workouts™, and replay them at any time. You can even rename them for different days of the week. Based on your workout's specific time, resistance and heart rate level, a customized cool-down program helps to ensure your heart rate properly returns to a normal level at the end of a workout. You can also conveniently change programs without restarting or losing your current workout information.

This treadmill comes with the following programs to choose from:

Manual: Gives you complete freedom to choose your own speed and resistance levels.

Hill: Challenges you with intervals of multiple hills and valleys with each hill becoming progressively more difficult.

Random: Includes many different motivating combinations of hills and valleys.

EZ Incline/Resistance: Slowly and progressively increases incline so you are less aware of the building demands.

Sport Training: Simulates outdoor training with a rigorous workout that features hundreds of different hills and valleys with a wide range of high and low levels of resistance.

Around the World: The terrain resembles various regions around the globe.

Cascades: A two-peak workout in which the intensity levels gradually increase and decrease.

Foothills: Features rolling hills at a low intensity level

Kilimanjaro: Intensity levels gradually increase toward one ultimate peak, and then gradually fall.

Speed Training: Intensity levels quickly alternate between high and low levels to stimulate a typical speed workout.

Interval Training: Intensity levels rise and fall. The higher levels gradually increase, peak, and then decrease.

It also includes the following HeartSync workouts:

Fat Burn: A great workout for beginners or for those days when you need a lighter workout. It automatically adjusts resistance to maintain your heart rate at 65 percent of your theoretical maximum.

Cardio: Maximizes caloric burn and boosts your energy level. It automatically adjusts resistance to maintain your heart rate at 80 percent of your theoretical maximum.

Heart Rate Hill™: An interval workout made up of three hills with each hill becoming progressively more difficult based on your heart rate goals. The first hill is 70 percent of your maximum heart rate (MaxHR) and becomes progressively tougher (75 percent MaxHR on the second and 80 percent MaxHR on the third). The valley is always defined as 65 percent MaxHR. It's similar to training for sports activities such as hockey, basketball, and soccer.

Heart Rate Interval™: Climb a series of alternating hills (80 percent MaxHR) and valleys (65 percent MaxHR). The number of times you climb each hill depends on your fitness level. It's similar to training for endurance activities such as triathlons and running.

Extreme Heart Rate™: Quickly raises and lowers resistance to get your heart rate up to 85 percent MaxHR and down to 65 percent MaxHR as quickly as possible. It's similar to training for sports activities such as tennis, racquetball, football, and sprinting.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 137cm x 66cm x 130cm (54” x 26” x 51”)

Unit Weight: 61kg (134lb)

Maximum User Weight: 181kg (400lb)

Frame: 5cm x 10cm (2" x 4") robotically-welded steel frame

Seat Adjustments: 34 positions

Pedals: Wide Ride self-levelling pedals with straps

Resistance Levels: 20

Resistance System: Self-contained alternator

Product Code: LFRC12

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Width: 66cm

Height: 130cm

Length: 137cm

Weight: 61.000Kg


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