Commercial Equipment

Jordan Adjustable Incline / Decline Bench

Adjustable bench for use with dumbbells, barbells, cables, curl bars or tricep bars.

£ 546.58

Jordan TRX Suspension Trainer Pro

1.5m (2 user) Suspension Trainer suitable for use with MiloKit, Jungle Gym® XT, Gym Rings & TRX

£ 550.00

Hammer Strength Decline / Abdominal Bench

A sturdy and durable Decline / Abdominal Bench from Hammer Strength, the world's leading brand.

£ 562.00

Life Fitness Signature Series Leg Raise with Bosu Back

Signature Series Leg Raise. Featuring a large bosu back pad for optimal stabilisation.

£ 575.00

Jordan Rubber Solid End Dumbbells Set 1-10kg & Rack

10 pairs of rubber solid end dumbbells at 1kg increments between 1kg and 10kg with vertical rack.

£ 585.00

Star Trac HumanSport® Total Legs

No other machine addresses the lower half strength and movement patterns better than this piece.

£ 600.00

Jordan Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench providing a stable position to perform Preacher or Scott Curls.

£ 622.07

Life Fitness Silverline 95Ci Upright Cycle

The refurbished Silverline 95Ci Exercise Bike is reliable with an extensive range of programmes.

£ 625.00

Life Fitness Silverline 93S Stepper

The Silverline 93S Stepper is popular due to its reliability and extensive range of programmes

£ 625.00

Life Fitness Optima Series Adjustable Bench

Optima Series simplifies strength training so you can meet your goals through self-guided workouts.

£ 647.00

Jordan Rubber Solid End Dumbbells Set 2-20kg

10 pairs of rubber solid end dumbbells at 2kg increments between 2kg and 20kg.

£ 690.00

Concept 2 Model 'D' Rower

The Model D rower has reinforced Concept2's reputation for producing the world's best rowers.

£ 733.33